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Alvi’s Dixie Stompers (ADS) plays traditional, happy New Orleans Jazz, and was founded by Alvian “Alvi” Leppälä in 1996 in Espoo, Finland.

Currently ADS consists of eight musicians, lead by Alvi Leppälä. Of the other founder members, also Jyrki Leppälä and Cajus “Pricken” Lindroth still play at the band. Kimmo Leppälä acts as the Artistic Director. Occasionally ADS is accompanied by guest vocalists Pasi “Pate” Saarelma or Hannah Wilson.

Roots in New Orleans

Alvi’s Dixie Stompers is loyal to its roots – traditional jazz developed by African Americans already in the late 18th century in the old south, New Orleans. This positive and energetic feel-good rhythm music is characterized by brass band marches, ragtime, blues and improvisation. ADS pays tribute to iconic musicians, such as trumpetists Bunk Johnson, King Oliver and Louis Armstrong, trombonist Kid Ory, clarinetist George Louis and pianist Jelly Roll Morton.

Regular Gigs

Since 1997, the band has hosted Sea Pearl Jazz nights every first Thursday of the month at Haukilahden Paviljonki, in Espoo. The band has published five recordings. In addition to Sea Pearl Jazz, ADS plays actively at various public and private events:

  • Balls
  • Concerts
  • Church concerts
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Annual parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Company parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Congresses
  • Festivals
  • Cruises
  • Marching parades
  • Garden parties

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